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Simona Foglietta - violin

Maria Antonietta Gramegna - cello

Anna Rosaria Valanzuolo - piano



The "Aura Trio" was born in 2006 by the meeting of Simona Foglietta, Maria Antonietta Gramegna and Anna Rosaria Valanzuolo, already active as soloist musicians and we wish we entered the fascinating universe of chamber music: a little universe just for heart; a bit closed world, rich in so deep and intense feelings in order to charme; a place for the expression of the inner world, as the name of the ensemble suggests.

In this space the three women can move in a perfect balance of reason and feelings, mixing rigour and instinct, sobriety and passion, producing more an more appreciated performances in the effect they create, by communicating with the audience and their great emotional involvement.

Although the Trio has formed recently, it can boast a sound preparation, obtained by frequenting Masters such as B. Canino, L. Cerroni, R. Adulescu, C. Teodoro, B. Mezzena, P. Masi, K. Bogino, the Trio di Parma, the Trio di Trieste and the Ars Trio di Roma.

Curious and versatile, the three musicians can perform a vast and varied repertoire from Haydn and Mozart to contemporaries, boasting a number of absolute first performances and compositions addressed to them.

The "Aura Trio" distinguished in important National and International competitions (solo and chamber concerts) and has also performed several concerts in Italy and abroad, getting always a grest succes in important festivals organized by music Associations like: "Montalto Musica" (Moltalto Ligure - IM), the Chamber Music Festival in Sappada (BL), "The Sundays' Concerts" (Ostia - RM), "Cantiere Musica" (Anguillara Sabazia e Bracciano - RM), Concerts at Cocumella (Sant'Agnello - NA), A.Gi.Mus. in Ascoli Satriano (FG), "Invitation to Music" at Accademia Arvamus in Rome, "The Saccisica Music Project" in Piove di Sacco (PD), A.Gi.Mus. in Lucera (FG), Seventh Degree Association at "Univerità degli Studi di Salerno", "The itinerant Concerts" by the Igor Stravinsky Association in Avellino, A.Gi.Mus. in Foggia, Town Council of Trevignano Romano (RM), the Music Association "F. Mannelli" in Tivoli (RM), the Music Association "Presto con fuoco" at the Vallicelliana Library in Rome, "Cantiere Internazionale d'Arte" in Montepulciano (SI), Poliphonica Festival in Visso (MC), Town Council of Cassano Magnago (VA), Cultural Asssociation "Music Moments" in Tivoli (RM), Festival "Battute d'Incontro" in Velletri (RM), "Music's Friends" Association (CS), "The tea Concerts" (Caerano di S. Marco - TV), "Culture and Music G. Rospigliosi" Association at Villa Rospigliosi (PT), "G. Enescu" Museum in Bucarest, the Filarmonic Sala "Ateneu" "Mihail Jora" in Bacau (Romania), Sala Beljaevo and Caterina's House in Moscow (Russia).